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Wendita & I love to be outside and hiking helps us do just that. This blog is just a place for me to store some photos our our hikes :) Click on any picture to enlarge :) Enjoy.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

St. Francis Hiking Trail

11.24.06. The day after Thanksgiving 2006, Wendita & I headed out to the Ocala National Forest to hike the St. Francis Hiking Trail, 7.7 miles long. This hike included floodplain forest, hydric hammock, oak hammock, bayhead, pine flatwoods, and cabbage palm flatwoods.

This would have been a great hike, except we did not read Sandra Friend's comments about HUNTING SEASON. Yes, Wendita & I were hiking in the middle of Deer Season! We must have heard 20 shot guns fired, some too close for comfort! We had a deer within 20 yards from us, thank God the hunters were not on the other side!


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